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Best Pickleball Paddle under $75 – You Will Love

As we all know that for playing pickleball you use a special racket that is known as pickleball paddle. To have a better experience of a game you must have one of the greatest and finest Pickleball paddles.

But I know not every player is capable of affording a paddle which is high priced. That is why I am creating this review of the best pickleball paddles under $75.

I have gathered a list of the top best pickleball paddle under $75.

You will also find out their descriptions and the pros and cons that I have witnessed all by myself.

Continue reading the article and find out the best list you will ever find. In this article I have gathered all the information that you need to have for buying the best inexpensive pickleball paddles.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under 75$

Here is the list of top 5, these reviews first of all I have described about the paddle and after that I have given my review and suggestions after testing each and every paddle by myself.

My completely concern is to deliver you a product that is used by myself and it gives most of the help to my readers so that they can make their right choice.

1. Amazin Aces Graphite Pickleball Set: 

top pickleball paddle amazin aces

Description and features:

  • This set comes with two graphite pickleball paddles, 4 balls and a mesh bag.
  • It is made up of graphite and the grip size is 4 3/8 inches.
  • This set gives an edge to the player to play fast and better.
  • The weight of the paddle is 8.3 Oz with the polymer core and a graphite face.
  • The grip of the paddle is hand-stitched for control and power.
  • The design of the paddle is simple and classic. That is why it is good for gifting to your fellow man.
  • These paddles are suitable for every level of the player, especially for the beginners and intermediates.
  • The paddles come with 1 year warranty and they can always be replaced and fixed.

My Review and suggestion about Amazin aces paddles:


After reading the description I wanted to try it all by myself and guess what I found at terrific pickleball set.

While playing with this paddle I came to know it is a terrific option for beginners. Talking about the durability of the paddle, it is very durable and the sweet spot is amazing.

This paddle is going to give you very a good control and you are going to hit very hard.

Yes this paddle is not lightweight and the much I felt it is more than 8.7 Oz.

That is why I am not suggesting this paddle to the professionals because this paddle needs more strength to bring it into the right position and to hit a drive.

But I say if you have enough strength then this paddle is fine for you.

I have asked other people also have been playing with this paddle for more than a year.

According to other people they have been playing with this paddle for quite long and for them the price of the paddle is amazing, it is one of the best pickleball paddles under 75$, and the value is excellent.

But at the end I would like to add that I did not like the sound that paddle was making, though the vibration is minimum but I would appreciate a sound that all the paddles make and it will be not irritating.

2. Gonex Honeycomb Pickleball Paddles:

Description and features: 

  • The weight of the paddle is 7.9 oz with a grip size of 4.9 inches.
  • Gonex paddles are made up of polypropylene honeycomb and fibreglass composition. This enhances the strength of the paddle and reduces the weight. It is a stable and softer composition.
  • It is a lightweight paddle that is why it brings more strength, control, and reduces the pressure on the shoulders and the elbows so you don’t have to face any sore arms.
  • The grip is suitable for most of the players because the handle is sweat absorbent with cushioning that makes it more soft and comfortable. So now you can play long games without hurting your hands.
  • The paddle comes with edge guards that reduce the wear and tear caused by friction or hitting the ground as well as increasing the lifespan of the paddle.
  • The set comes with two paddles, 2 outdoor balls, 2 indoor balls, and one bag.

My review and suggestion for Gonex honeycomb paddle:


I so many winners using these paddles for learning their game am without any sore arms and hurting hands whole day long.

I suggested it for the beginners because the paddles are so lightweight and the grip is very reasonable. Write the thing I love the most is that the grip is replaceable or you can even upgrade it.

My friends who are beginners found these paddles perfect for them.

The grip size may not be comfortable for intermediate for professional players but if you like to play with a lightweight paddle then this paddle is light like a hair.

That is why I am going to keep these paddles as an option for the game that I am going to play whole day.

But talking about the grape if you are a female player then I am I say that this group can be a bit large for you to but the paddle is sturdy.

I love this paddles and luckily my friends have a set so I can always use them but if you are a beginner then I suggest you to go for these paddles and sooner or later when you become an intermediate or a professional player you can always upgrade it.

3. Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle:

Description and features:

  • It is a balanced paddle without ball control edge and a group size of 4 1/8 inches. It does not give only smooth but a powerful experience. It is assigned for better spin, placement, and ball control.
  • The bigger sweet spot helps in improvement of the performance and minimises the edge guard hits.
  • The weight of the paddle is 7.7 to 8.0 Oz and is suitable for all type of players.
  • The ideal size of the grip is perfect for all type of hands and it is designed to minimise the slip.
  • This paddle is used by more than two hundred thousand players all over the world and is designed and manufactured in USA by a well known brand.

My review and suggestion for Rally graphite paddle:


Yes these paddles are not only light but very reactive. One of my fellows who are 62 years old had minor arthritis in his wrist and I saw him using these paddles.

I wanted to know the experience by him and he said that I have used almost every other brand but these paddles amazed me like anything.

Hair I thought to give it a try and what I found is that the paddle is not only study but it is very lightweight. Because of its wait I am going too suggested to the old age players.

It is a very balanced paddle and the grip is very fair and I found it perfect in size.

I have sweaty hands so I was more worried about the sweat but it is nice to say that the grapes is perfect for the sweaty hands and it is very soft in feel.

I cannot forget the edge guards because they brought peace to my mind while I was scooping the low shots.

I have used these paddles in my outdoor game that is why I can say that it was excellent in ball control while I was playing in the outdoor court and I haven’t found any dings and dents.

From my side I am going to suggest to all the players no matter you are a beginner, intermediate, or a professional player and if you are facing any medical issue with your arm or hands then these paddles are the right choice and you must make a move.

4. JoncAye fiberglass Pickleball paddle:

Description and features:

  • Made up of fibreglass and the grip size of 4.25 inches these paddles are designed for every type of player with the weight of 8 Oz.
  • It is designed to elevate the stress from the wrist and the shoulder and provide power to every shot. Structured in keeping the beginners and intermediates players in the mind.
  • Because of honeycomb composition and cushions the paddles create less noise and give better pop to every strike.
  • JonyAce as appropriate as guards that helps the paddles to remain save while hitting the ground and it makes it more durable. Additionally neoprene paddle covers are added for protection of the paddle in the court.
  • All the rules of USAPA I followed while designing the paddle. 8.18 inch strike face gives a large sweet spot and minimises the chances of mishits.
  • The grip of the paddle is sweat absorbent and non slippery. The grip is a precise grip of 4.25 inches.

My review and suggestion for JonyAce fibreglass paddle:

Perfect for the family!

If you are a family and looking for a set of paddles then this set is set of best pickleball paddles under 75$. One of my closest friends played pickleball with his family and I got a chance to join them.

There is where I first got the chance to use and play these amazing paddles. It is a great value for the money e because it comes in a set and is perfect for a family game.

More than that the paddles are very light and you are going to get optional grips along with these paddles.

I found that these paddles are great value to your money e because the quality of the paddles is very good and you are getting a very good quality at a very affordable price.

For me no matter how hard I hit the ball or I gave drop shots there was a great control and I was really impressed.

These titles were being used for over a month and they were not only consistent but durable as well.

The more I asked and the more I reviewed the paddle all myself I came to know that these are not only very lightweight paddles but they are going to give you a very comfortable grip because the grip is standard size and you will not have to face adding extra grips to fit your hand.

So I suggest these paddles for every player, not only just the beginning of the intermediates, professionals are going to love these paddles as well.

5. Paddletek phoenix G6 Pickleball Paddle:

Description and features:

  • These paddles come with the weight of 7.5 to 7.8 Oz and grip of Array. 
  • They are very lightweight and give good reactions to the kitchen. They generate enough power to drive the ball. For ball control and accuracy a large sport is provided.
  • For increasing the touch, ball control, and better comfortable game the interior is made up of polycore with the layers of graphite that dampens the sound and vibration.
  • For the durability of the paddle velvet textured polycarbonate surfaces are added and it helps in improving the control and spin of the ball.
  • The length of the grip is 5 inches and the total length of the paddle is 15 5/8 inches. The grape comes with an ultra cushion for a comfortable hold.

My review and suggestion for paddletek phoenix G6 paddle:

High Quality!

I found the paddle as true as its description. Yes it is very lightweight and very forgiving. I found the paddle provides you power, control, and balance.

I got the chance to play with the purple colour paddle and I cannot tell you how much attractive the paddle was and how much people were loving the colour and giving comments about it.

The only thing I was worried about was the durability of the handle and the paddle but luckily I came to know that Amazon is very good about the exchange policies within 30 days so you should not be worried about it.

I found the feel of the paddle very smooth and nice. What I think is that if you are a beginner start with these paddles and they are going to take you to the intermediate level very soon.

While I was playing the game I gave many drop shots and the kitchen but these paddles gave me great control and balance and I haven’t felt this much power in my shots when it comes to paddles for beginners or intermediates.

These paddles are very soft and lightweight sign going to suggest them to beginners and intermediates.

Do try these paddles and you are going to get a great experience and if you love giving rock shots and kitchen shots then I will definitely suggest you these products.

Ask me! The buying guide and FAQ

Here is the list of few questions that people who love playing pickleball and want to choose the right and a portable paddle for themselves often ask me.

I believe these questions can help you in making a better decision.

Is grip size important?

Always remember that the pickleball is completely a game off your hand. That is why you need to make sure that the pickleball paddle you are choosing fits your hand correctly.

Remember it is important for you to be comfortable with your grip if you want to play professionally.

Before choosing a grip you need to hold it in your hand and when it is to choose between two different sizes always go for the smaller one.

How much important the size of the paddle and the length of the handle?

No matters you are a beginner or a professional, always remember that the paddle must not be more than 24 inches in length. For long handles the size is 5 by 19 inches and for small handles 8 by 16.

Mostly the experts prefer paddles with good grip but the right size paddle also plays a vital role.

Why is core important in paddles?

I would like to tell you that core is the backbone of the paddle and you really need to be very cautious while selecting one.

As we are talking about the paddles under $75 so you should know that you need to choose a polymer based or a polypropylene core. Under $75 you are not going to get any metal-based core.

I can also suggest you a honeycomb structure core that is polymer-based because it is not only lightweight but you will witness a very flexible performance as well.

You will witness noise because these paddles don’t have a sound dampening effect.

But your shorts will have a good amount of bones because this core is very flexible and soft. There are aluminum core paddles also available in the market but they are costly.

Is it important for a under$75 paddle to be durable?

I understand that for many people the core and the quality are very important but I say no matter how much you are paying for the equipment it should be sturdy and have a great finish.

The face of the peddler should always have a good quality finish no matter it is expensive or inexpensive.

Before choosing a paddle you must make sure that the face of the paddle has UV inhibitor coatings so that the paddle does not face any discoloration or sun damage.

Is deflection equally important?

First of all you must know that you have to use a USAPA approved paddle. To make sure this there are many rules set by the organisation.

Yes the paddle with a good spring is going to generate more power and you won’t have to put more effort, but at the same time your accuracy and control will definitely suffer.

How much important is the sound?

It is not a very important characteristic to discuss but I would like to answer this question. Different areas in different nations have their certain noise limits.

But following the voice you can use polypropylene paddle. The availability of foam in the middle helps in dampening the sound and also helps in noise reduction.

What role does edge guard play?

For protecting the edges of the paddle we use edge guard. The guards make the paddle resistant to any chip damage.

They are very helpful in longevity of the paddle because they help in minimizing the damage when the paddle hits the ground and especially it is very important for the beginners.

It totally depends on you what type of guard you choose but I suggest a medium sized guard because the wider the guard is the heavier your paddle will be and it can affect your pickleball game.

Is power more important then the control?

I would leave the answer to you and for that you need to analyse your pickleball game.

You are the one who can judge and check out if their game has more power, or more control, or we can even say that it is a combination. But I prefer blending of the two.

You need to learn how to switch between the games, for example, you need to know where you need more power and you need to learn where you need more control during your game.

Lighter paddles or heavy ones?

It is again your choice and your style of game. In my I years of pickleball game I have never seen any rule that States you must use a paddle that is heavy or light. You need to choose the paddle that makes you comfortable and that comforts your game.

Check out your comfort zone, for example, if you have tennis elbow go for a light with paddle and if you want more power and control then go for heavy one.

The above asking questions and answers are not only the questions that people ask me but also this is a buying guide and a guide for your better game play.

I would suggest you to go through every question and answer before you choose a paddle for yourself.


Money is a power and we all love to spend our money wisely. Here you will find the top 5 best pickleball paddles under 75$ and it is going to be worth your money.

I have created a list that will provide you sturdy, strong and durable paddles. You can also check out the ask me session for a proper buying guide.

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